Treatments can be offered at GD Health Ltd or in your own home. At the initial consultation, any queries and concerns can be discussed and a foot assessment (including vascular and neurological examination) will take place. We will also discuss your medical history and a treatment plan will then be recommended and agreed, and initial treatment will be provided. Foot care advice will be provided and further appointments can be scheduled if necessary.

Chiropody Treatment (30 minutes) - £20

Treatments offered vary, but the most commonly addressed complaints are corns, callouses (hard skin), and thickened or involuted (curly) nails. Offloading padding and silicone protective devices can also be made.

Verrucae and foot ulcers usually require several follow up treatments. Reduced charges will be made for these intensive treatments.

Nail trim (20 minutes) - £15

This is a 20 minute appointment with the chiropodist and is suitable for people who might find it difficult to manage their own nails.

Biomechanical assessments (45 minutes) - £25

This involves a detailed examination of your lower limb joint’s range of motion and gait (walking pattern) analysis. Problems identified can often be treated with appropriate exercises, strapping and insole devices to correct foot function during the gait cycle. Insoles can range from simple, temporary devices to permanent orthotics taken from a cast of your foot.

If you need general advice or are unsure whether you need an appointment, please feel free to phone or email your enquiry and I will endeavour to provide useful and honest advice.

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